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Jim was born in Glendale California to Chuck Sr. and Agnes (Morey) Watson in 1938. Jim had an older brother name Charles (Chuck) Jr. and no sisters.

Jim went into the R.O.T.C. program in High School and later married his High School sweetheart 'Connie' upon graduation. Jim entered the U.S. Army and was 'Honorably Discharged' at the end of his tour of duty. Jim was stationed in Germany during his tour. He had great stories of his time in Germany, especially the 'Black Forest' where he was stationed next to.

For the first couple years of marriage Jim and Connie rented an apartment in Glendale. Later, Jim and Connie bought a home in 1964 in Sun Valley, California. Where he would stay the remainder of his days.

Jim had one son 'Eddie' with Connie in 1958. Eddie later died of Leukemia in 1966 at the age of eight years. Jim and Connie later divorced due to the depression and stress of the death of their son which put a heavy strain on their relationship.

Jim and his older brother 'owned Glendale' as teenagers as they would often recall. Both brothers were into cars and motorcycles and at one time were members of the 'Motorcycle Club' called the 'Galloping Gooses' in the late 1950's in Glendale, Ca. This membership changed for both due to the responsibilities of marriage and children.

The brothers had a very rocky relationship with their father Chuck. He was never physically abusive to them but verbally abusive, especially to Jim for some reason. Jims brother Chuck  got along better with the father than Jim did, but not by much and always tried to intervene until Chuck entered the National Gaurd and moved out, leaving Jim behind. Jim didn't have much to do with his real father upon the divorce of his parents throughout the rest of his life, except when he had to (Family gatherings, etc.) His brother Chuck maintained a relationship till Sr's. death, but put a slight strain on the brothers relationship in his fathers older years.

Jims mother and father eventually divorced and later remarried, Agnes to Donald H. Weaver who relocated to Hansen Dam, Ca. and Chuck to Juanita and moved to Onyx (Lake Isabella,) Ca. Upon the divorce, Sr. got custody of Jim who later 'ran-away' to live with his mother and Don.

Don became a big part of the 'watson' clan and especially to both brothers. He was every bit of a father to the brothers that a step father could ever be and then some. He was loved dearly by the whole family .. even with Chuck Sr. The brothers had a cousin named Lavera who they both remained close to over the years. Jim also had a nephew 'Sonny' (Me) who was a very big part of my life growing up to well into my forties.

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Brief Bio

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